Plain Cigarettes Encourage Adults To Quit Smoking


Plain cigarettes encourage adults to quit smoking

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 10th Augst,2016) : Plain package of cigarettes having a picture of tobacco victims like cancer patients was the most effective mean of tobacco control in the country. According to a report, as compared to branded cigarettes, plain standard packaging was less attractive to young people, reduced mistaken beliefs that some brands were safer than others and was likely to reduce smoking uptake amongst children and young people.

It said that plain packaging eliminated the use of colourful logos and branding on tobacco packaging, which served as a key strategy used by the tobacco industry to make products more appealing to current and potential customers, including youth. It said around 23.9 million adults currently using tobacco in any form, out of which, 6 per cent are women in Pakistan.

It added 15.6 million people smoke tobacco from which 22.

2 male while 2.1 per cent were women. Men between the ages of 15-49 were more likely to use tobacco as compared to women in Pakistan. It claimed that tobacco use was the world's leading cause of preventable death.

"Tobacco kills six million people around the world from which 80 per cent deaths occur in middle and low income countries." It said that 45 per cent men used tobacco in any form while 28 per cent men of the same age used cigarettes.

Some 110,000 people died yearly due to tobacco use. Daily 1200 children started smoking. Around eight out of every 10 noticed health warnings on cigarette packs while around seven thought of quitting. The report urged for immediately implementation of Article 13 that comprehensively bans tobacco advertisement, promotion and sponsorship and Article 11 of Framework Convention on Tobacco Control which calls for plain packaging.