Police Enhance Security Measures Of Media Houses


Police enhance security measures of media houses

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News -23rd Augst,2016) : Islamabad police have enhanced security measures of media houses to avoid any untoward incident. Police source said that supervisory officers of various police stations have been directed to monitor the security of their respective areas and keep check and balance on their subordinate staff deputed for security purposes at various media houses.

Islamabad police have been directed to ensure coordination with other police wings including Special Branch and share information with them in time. To ensure the effective security arrangements of media outlets, he said that capital police have already conducted the security audit and survey of 38 media houses and installed panic alert system there to avert any untoward incident.

Police source said that Minister for Interior Ch.

Nisar Ali Khan had categorically asked to review security arrangements of media outlets and various steps had been taken by Islamabad police for elaborate security at media houses. He said that various meetings were previously conducted by the police officials with PID officers and representatives of media houses.

Panic alert system has been installed at 31 media houses after conducting the security audit of 38 media outlets while more than hundred security guards have been given security training in various programs.