President Urges All To Help Combat Corruption

President urges all to help combat corruption

ISLAMABAD, Dec 8 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 08th Dec, 2016 ) : President Mamnoon Hussain Thursday called upon all segments of society, including government functionaries, civil society, religious leaders, media and the public to contribute their share in combating corruption from the country.

In a message on Anti-Corruption Day, the president said "each year, billions of rupees were stolen through bribes and embezzlement which hampers the provision of healthcare, education, clean water and basic infrastructure to the people." He said this makes it harder for the government to provide basic services and denies people their fundamental rights.

"I also call upon the private sector to become an active partner and complement the government's efforts towards eliminating this scourge," the president said. The president said "the present democratic government is fully committed to eradicating corruption and carry out the accountability of the corrupt." "The government is executing projects transparently, on merit and making judicious use of public money," President Mamnoon Hussain said.

The president termed corruption a multi-faceted problem which, he said should be countered on all fronts with sincerity, planning and strict implementation of anti-graft laws with public support to put a halt to this growing menace.

He said the objective of the international Anti-Corruption Day calls upon all to collectively strive against corruption and socially ostracize the corrupt to discourage them.

"On this Day, I urge all Pakistanis to join anti-corruption campaign with NAB to build awareness and resolve to end corruption by waging a struggle against this evil." He said the day the International Anti-Corruption Day reminds us of the threat that the menace of corruption poses to the very fabric of the society.

The president said publication of a special supplement by National Accountability Bureau to highlight significance of eradicating this malaise was encouraging which will also complement government's efforts against corruption.

The president said Pakistan was facing various problems but the scourge of corruption has weakened the basic foundations of the society. "Corruption is a cancer that undermines the rule of law, destroys values and promotes materialism and lust for money." He said corruption was antithesis of good governance, undermines democracy, weakens democratic institutions, hampers economic growth and negates the ideals of virtue, justice, responsibility and public service.

President Mamnoon Hussain said corruption was closely associated with unequal distribution of income and its concentration in the hands of a few. "Unfortunately, no society is immune to this challenge and the malaise of corruption continues to impede efforts towards ensuring equitable socio-economic development, establishing rule of law and provision of justice in societies." He said the magnitude of the issue calls for joint efforts to confront this challenge head on.