Preston University Holds Reference In Memory Of Agha Nasir


Preston University holds Reference in memory of Agha Nasir

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 26th july,2016) : Preston University in collaboration with Archaeological and Historical Association of Pakistan (AHAP) organized here a Condolence Reference in memory of late Agha Nasir.

Eminent media personalities, educationists, intellectuals and faculty and staff of Preston University attended the event, said a news release on Tuesday. Dr. Abdul Basit, Chancellor Preston University and other distinguished personalities spoke on the occasion and shed light on the life and achievements of the ingenious media icon Agha Nasir.

In his address on the occasion Dr. Abdul Basit, Chancellor Preston University said it is an undeniable fact that in our society pompous and show becomes the cornerstone of the lives of those who rise to fame.

But it was certainly different with director, writer,producer of international eminence late Agha Nasir. Agha Nasir never allowed his indisputable fame, as a media icon, overshadow his inner self which unambiguously was pure down to the core.

He said Agha Nasir has had a highly successful association with Pakistan's media since the inception of the country. Agha Nasir, who was the founder of Pakistan Television (PTV) was a thorough gentleman.

He had a very amiable personality, and in spite of being at the helm of Pakistan's two eminent Broadcast Media-Pakistan Television (PTV) and Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) he never demonstrated arrogance in his dealing with people belonging to any stratum of life.

Dr. Basit said, in a nutshell Agha Nasir was a rare breed of a human being. People like him are uncommon in our society. His demise has created a vacuum that would take a long time to fill, Dr.Basit asserted. Among other speakers were Dr.

Ghazanfar Mehdi, Chairman AHAP, Prof. Dr. Riaz Ahmed, Huma Khawar, daughter of Agha Nasir, Faiza Bilal, daughter-in-law of Agha Nasir, Haya Khawar, granddaughter of Agha Nasir, eminent journalist Ashraf Ansari, Dr.

Pervez Ahsan Khan, Mr. Shakeel H. Ansari and Ms.Saima Batool of Rotary Club of Islamabad Cosmopolitan. Speaking about her father Agha Nasir, Ms. Huma Khawar said he was an extraordinary person.

He always had an extremely loving and caring attitude towards all his family members. Daughter-in-law, Faiza Bilal said her father-in-law was an amalgam of humbleness and love. Granddaughter Haya Khawar in her brief remarks said her grandfather was her ideal.

She profoundly admired him for all his superior qualities which made her always feel extremely proud of him. The other speakers too immensely eulogized the mammoth contribution of Agha Nasir towards Pakistan's electronic media, particularly ptv and PBC.

They said Agha Nasir was a media icon who has no parallel. He would be remembered for a long, long time to come they maintained.