Radio Pakistan To Broadcast Special Independence Day Programmes


Radio Pakistan to broadcast special Independence Day programmes

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 29th july, 2016) : Radio Pakistan has arranged special programmes in connection with Independence Day Celebrations to highlight different aspects of the epic struggle waged for achieving a separate homeland for the Muslims of the Subcontinent. New national songs, produced by Radio Pakistan, are the hallmark of these programmes being aired from Monday to August 14, said a press release issued here on Friday. The CD of these songs will be launched in urdu and other regional languages to celebrate "Independence Day." These songs will also be broadcast from different stations of Radio Pakistan across country on daily basis. Excerpts from speeches of father of the nation titled, "Quaid ki Awaz" will be broadcast from 1st to 14th August.

Special drama series "Shad Watan Abad Watan" will be aired at 09:10 pm from 1st to 7th August to highlight different aspects of socio-economic development and progress of the country. "Special Azadi Quiz" will be aired in youth programme "Hum Naujawan".

Another programme "Tehreek e Pakistan ki Namwar Khwateen" will be the part of women show "Sukhi Ghar." A feature series under the title of "Memaran-e-Pakistan" will be aired from 1st to 13 August at 04:05 pm to highlight the prominent personalities of Pakistan Movement. Independence Day Celebration Special progarammes will also be uploaded on Radio Pakistan's website.