Riphah University Holds Dialogue On US Election

Riphah university holds dialogue on US election

ISLAMABAD, Dec 1 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 01st Dec, 2016 ) : Policy institute of Riphah International University Islamabad holds a policy dialogue session on recent US Presidential Elections and its implication to Pakistan's Foreign Policy.

According to a press release, Mosharraf Zaidi speaking on the occasion highlighted various contributing factors to analyze Pakistan's public policy domain with respect to US. He discussed the factors including Pakistan's number one exports destination, US is number one supplier of high-tech weaponry, economic and knowledge Interests of Pakistani origin including professionals and students in US, Geo-politics and Pak- Afghan relation and role of US in stabilizing Afghanistan.

He said there is dramatic speeding up of the Indianisation in US public policy and explicit cementing of an anti-Pakistan consensus between the two countries at various levels. To deal with the situation in addition to traditional diplomatic efforts the role of influential US-Pakistani is paramount who matters in the power corridor of US.

Dr. Rashid Aftab director RIPP discussed prioritize interests of US regarding military dominance, trans pacific partnership, US strategy about Afghanistan and issues related with immigrant policy. Research experts, Scholars, students from different discipline participated in the session.