Roaming Boars Frustrate Motorists On Capital's Main Artery

Roaming boars frustrate motorists on Capital's main artery

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 27th july,2016) : The rising number of roaming boars on Capital roads, particularly on its main artery Expressway's Zero Point -Faizabad portion poses a serious threat to motorists, who say they are encountering the wild animals here frequently these days. Talking to this news agency many motorists said that they fear a collision with a boar at night, while one of them said that a couple of days ago he saw a speeding car hitting a boar wandering in the middle lane of the Expressway near Zero Point. "Immediately after its impact with that car I saw another vehicle coming from behind and striking it again.

"Though I cannot say with sure whether those inside these vehicles suffered injuries or not, I'm sure both the vehicles must have been somewhat damaged as boar is a very dense and hard animal," he said. Inam Ali, who works in a private office in Islamabad till late night and uses his own bike for travelling said that roving boars could not only cause considerable damage to vehicles but had the potential to attack motorcyclists.

"Boar is a very dangerous animal, when it is on rampage it can cause huge loss.

Obviously, I'm worried about my safety now," he added. Many motorists asked the concerned authorities to put up fencing with mesh on Expressway from Zero Point to Faizabad to keep boars away from the road.

"If it is not possible for them (authorities) to eliminate these wild animals, then at least they should fence it off from both sides to save precious human lives," opined Aslam, another motorist.

Meanwhile, Ghulam Ali, a resident of Sector I-8 said that it seemed the boar population was soaring alarmingly in the city. "A few years back, boars used to roam in our area after midnight but now they come out in herds as soon as the night falls.

We are scared to come out of our homes or go for a walk in the nearby parks after evening. The Capital Development Authority should launch an operation to eliminate these animals," he said.