Shujabad Canal Division Sets Up Five Flood Camps


Shujabad canal division sets up five flood camps

MULTAN,(UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 28th july,2016) : The Shujabad canal division has set up five flood camps at safety embankments to handle any situation. According to the irrigation sources, the canal division set up flood camps at Chenab Bund, Akbar Bund, Nagi Bund, Jalalpur Khakhi Bund and Baloch Wah Bund.

The SDOs concerned were supervising the camps which would remain functional by September 30. There are 14 safety embankments at the river Chenab in limits of the Shujabad canal division while camps had been set up at five sensitive embankments, the sources added. The staff was monitoring embankments, flood situation and removing encroachments to handle any emergency like situation in flood.