Students Term Internships As 'Opening A Can Of Worms'


Students term internships as 'Opening a can of worms'

ISLAMABAD,(UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 8th Augst,2016) : The students who go through internship, an obligatory exercise, have to keep their chins up where every time only references work from entry to a whole learning process in an organization. Getting foot in the door in order to register themselves as a trainee is not the last straw rather it turns to be a can of worms for them as they are treated like unwanted and irrelevant guests, said students of different universities expressing their dismay. Qurat-ul-Ain Akram, a current student of International Islamic University, who just entered into a non-paid internship in a media organization talking to this agency said, "I was treated as uninvited and unattended guest for I had no high-reference for a smooth entry into a quality media organization.

Finally a reference worked for me and I am lucky to having training at a reputed organization." Another post graduate pupil of the same University Tayyaba Aslam voiced, "Dropping the C.V in a number of channels proved a nightmare, no reference? No entry was the loud reply.

After applying my whole bag of tricks I could manage to enter an organization to register myself as an internee. But it was just like sailing on a boat to move for a long journey of an un-known island." "There is no impartial criterion as some students are even paid by the government for internship at reputed organizations while others have to move from pillar to post just to have an entrance for a non-paid training, lamented Saadia Aslam an internee of Fatima Jinnah University. Miss Neelum, who is having training at an advertising agency, however, had encouraging remarks, and termed her experience a wonderful start, a knowledgeable environment and great exposure for young learners.

Miss Anmol Rasheed going through an internship from a private news channel expressed her dissatisfaction for not being provided due attention and guidance despite remaining available for hours.

"The instructors always display themselves so busy and unapproachable" , she complained. "It's just 6-8 weeks training, and after completion, our performances by our universities are examined with a fine tooth comb which is unjust and irrational", said Hashim Khan a student of the National University of Modern Languages who just concluded his internship from the official news agency. The instructors unless and until allowed by their high-ups do not transfer their knowledge generously on the internees and take them as unwanted burden, said Arooj Fatima of Fatima Jinnah Women University sharing her views.

They do have justifications for not being able to spare time, she added. "We are ready to educate with full dedication and commitment without any financial reward but we must be relaxed from our routine official assignments because it's a full time job to start teaching basics to a student," remarked, an Instructor of the internees at a media house. When contacted, head of the media department of the Islamic University said "It's all true and students must show active presence at workplace and, with a stout heart, must accept the bitter realities to rise higher.

We are aware of the students' issues and working on it." The students have demanded of the government to devise a transparent and hassle-free mechanism for their smooth internship training with a clear-cut guideline to the relevant organizations to sail through this exercise.