Taxila Museum Great Potential To Attracts Foreign Tourists

Taxila museum great potential to attracts foreign tourists

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 20th july,2016) : The Taxila Site and the Museum has a great potential to attract national and international visitors and enjoy the first hand experience of being at the unique historical sites of antiquities and human settlements of Gandhara Buddhist heritage. An official of Taxila Museum told APP, he said that Taxila is a unique site showing so any layers of civilizations in this country, starting with prehistoric heritage and moving to the Greeks and moving to Buddhist and Islamic culture.

He claimed that Taxila, one of the six World Heritage sites of Pakistan, is inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1980. "Comprised of a vast complex of archaeological heritage, the site includes a Mesolithic cave, 4 settlement sites, a number of Buddhist monasteries of various periods and Muslim Mosques of the medieval period as well as presence of the Buddhist Stupa and monasteries at Taxila from 1st to 5th century A.D," he said. He said that Taxila Museum is attracting a large number of domestic tourists from across the country and number of foriegn tourists.

The Museum officials claimed that people from different walks of life and specially students of various educational institutions are visiting the beautiul Museum from various parts of the country.

He said that the guides on duty, brief the visitors about history and great civilization of Gandhara here at Museum. He said that last month number of senior government officials from Sri Lanka and a delegation of 50 monks also visited the Museum. Taxila possessed an important and significant place in the Buddhist religion as the first image of Lord Buddha was carved here. Besides, he added, Buddhism spread to China, Korea and Japan from here.

He said that the Museum authorities keep open the Museum to facilitate the visitors on daily basis. He said that the students of various universities are also visiting Taxila Museum for research purpose.

A visitor student of University Muhammad Imran said that Taxila Museum is one of the beautiful Museum and specially for the students of research it is very helpful place.