Three Dead, Survivors Rescued After 20 Days Adrift

Three dead, survivors rescued after 20 days adrift

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 30th May, 2024) Three people were found dead while five others were in critical condition when a boat carrying 20 people attempting an illegal journey to Muscat was found in the waters of Gwadar on Thursday.

The Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Gwadar reported that the boat's damage caused the group to become lost at sea, according to a private news channel.

The DC said that 20 people were left adrift when their boat malfunctioned during their illicit attempt to reach Muscat.

The group, stranded at sea for 20 days, faced extreme conditions after their boat broke down leading to a desperate struggle for survival.

The DC of Gwadar stated that the district administration intervened and rescued the stranded individuals after being informed by local fishermen who played a crucial role in rescuing the remaining survivors.

The district administration confirmed that all 20 people have been taken into custody.

Among them, five were in critical condition due to prolonged deprivation of food and water.

The authorities have initiated an investigation and may file charges under the Foreign Act, although no formal action has been taken yet.

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