Tirbutes Paid To Edhi

Tirbutes paid to Edhi

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 29th july,2016) : Preston University in collaboration with Archaeological and Historical Association of Pakistan (AHAP) on Friday organized condolence reference in memory of humanitarian icon late Maulana Abdul Sattar Edhi.

Speakers at the event shed light on the life and achievements of Abdul Sattar Edhi and paid tribute to his meritorious services. The speakers included Dr. Ghazanfar Mehdi, Chairman AHAP, Prof.

Dr. Riaz Ahmed, Secretary General AHAP and scientist of repute Dr. Anwar Naseem. Saad Edhi and Ahmed Edhi paternal and maternal grandsons of Maulana Abdul Sattar Edhi who were conspicuous by their presence at the event also briefly spoke on the occasion.

In his address on the occasion Dr. Abdul Basit, Chancellor Preston University said Maulana Abdul Sattar Edhi was an eminent Pakistani philanthropist and social activist of unparalleled and impeccable reputation.

This remarkable social activist had no parallel, neither in Pakistan nor elsewhere in the world, he emphatically stated. The vacuum his death has created will perhaps never be filled, Dr.

Basit emphasized. He said if we truly desire to keep Maulana Edhi alive we will have to make sincere endeavors to ensue the legacy he has left behind -"selflessly serving the suffering humanity irrespective of their caste, creed or religion".

On the occasion, Dr. Abdul Basit said that the Nobel Peace award may be conferred upon Abdul Sattar Edhi in recognition of his invaluable humanitarian services.

He said that Preston University will soon send a formal written request to the members of the Nobel Prize Committee in this regard.

In their brief remarks on the occasion Saad Edhi and Ahmed Edhi paternal and maternal grandsons of Maulana Edhi urged the people to make liberal contributions towards Edhi's welfare fund so that Abdul Sattar Edhi's mission of serving the suffering humanity could be carried forward without any hindrance.

By doing so, people would prove that they truly loved Maulana Edhi and appreciate the invaluable humanitarian services rendered by him over the past six decades. Eminent scientist Dr.

Anwar Naseem said Maulana Edhi's services towards the cause of humanity was priceless and has no parallel in recent history. His name will remain alive in this context for a long time to come.

Dr. Riaz Ahmed, Director General AHAP in his brief remarks said a great humanitarian like Maulana Edhi is born in centuries. All of us should join hands to carry his mission to help the needy and downtrodden segment of the society forward.

Dr. Ghazanfar Mehdi, Chairman AHAP also paid glowing tributes to late Maulana Abdul Sattar Edhi. He said Abdul Sattar Edhi was a rare breed of a human being. His extraordinary love and concern for the poor and suffering segment of the society made him a living legend across the globe.