Turkish First Lady Donates Electric Wheel Chairs, Incubators To PRC


Turkish first lady donates electric wheel chairs, incubators to PRC

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 17th Nov, 2016 ) : The First Lady of Turkey, Emine Erdogan on Thursday gifted 20 electric wheel chairs and 10 incubators to Pakistan Red Crescent (PRC).

The first lady distributed the wheel chairs among the disabled persons and communicated to each person to boast their moral in a graceful ceremony organized at PRC National Headquarters. Addressing the ceremony, first lady of Turkey said that she appreciate love and sentiments of Pakistani people for their Turkish brethren.

She added that Pakistan, Turkey have strong relations and with the passage of time these relations will be further strengthened, said a news release issued here. She lauded the humanitarian efforts of PRC, Turkish Red Crescent (TRC) and their joint collaboration in mitigating the suffering of the vulnerable.

She said that the wheelchairs and incubators donated by TIKA, a Turkish Relief Agency, is an effort to support our Pakistani brethrens who deserve care and look after. The first lady said that she acknowledge the courage of the persons with disabilities who never let their fears to overpower them.

They deserve our special attention so that they can play an active and positive role in the society. Speaking at the occasion, Chairman PRC, Dr. Saeed Elahi said it is a great a pleasure for him and his entire team to welcome The First Lady of Turkey as the scintillating and enviable history proved deep bond between people of Pakistan and Turkey for decades.

"During disasters or any emergency in our country, Turkish people have always responded and reciprocated with fervor and zeal.

Dr. Elahi said in 2005, when Pakistan was hit by the devastating earthquake, it was Turkish Prime Minister who reached Pakistan with relief goods and teams which proved that they felt our suffering of our people as their own nation.

The volunteers of Pakistan Red Crescent along with the teams of Turkish Red Crescent were able to reach far flung areas including snow clad mountainous areas and same sentiments and brotherhood was also seen during the 2010 super floods relief and recovery operations.

Saeed Elahi said that The Disaster Management and Logistic Center, largest in Asia was built by TRC is an exemplary display of long lasting friendship and relation grown stronger over years, which was inaugurated by none other than Mrs.

Erdogan herself in 2009. He expressed his profound gratitude to the first lady for donating electric wheelchairs and incubators among the disabled besides TIKA for their cooperation. In the welcome address, PRC General Secretary Ghulam Muhammad Awan said Pakistan and Turkey enjoy a friendship which has lasted for decades.

This friendship has been tried and tested many times. Both nations have been together to support each other when disaster has struck either countries. He shared that Pakistan Red Crescent and the Turkish Red Crescent have been together in the toughest situation caused by natural disasters and the needs of social development, where both organizations had stood shoulder to shoulder.

At the end of event, Dr. Saeed Elahi presented shield and gift to The First Lady of Turkey.