US Delegation Visit Sirtaj Aziz,

Expressed Satisfaction Over The Peaceful Situation In FATA

US delegation visit Sirtaj Aziz,
expressed satisfaction over the peaceful situation in FATA

(UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 4th july, 2016) : American Senator John McCain after visiting meeran shah, an area of North Wazeeristan showed his satisfaction over the peaceful situation there. Pakistan's operation against terrorism has become successful and he will ask Congress to continue contributing towards the economic progress and in the elimination of terrorism from Pakistan.

Leading the four member delegation, John McCain met the foreign consultant Sirtaj Aziz. He said that Pakistan efforts in eradication of terrorism are admirable.

The success can be seen clearly in North wazeeristan while in FATA the stability is praiseworthy.

While putting stress on the importance of Pak-India relations, he assured that they don't effect the Pak-USA relations. he also praised Pak-Afghan co operation on various issues. Sirtaj Aziz said that in order to maintain the peace in the country, Pak USA relations are of great importance. He also briefed the US delegation about Afghan border management and the return of refugees.