Wild Bushes On Footpaths Irks Residents


Wild bushes on footpaths irks residents

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 2nd Augst,2016) : The growth of wild bushes and grass on both side of footpaths in various sectors of capital city irks residents and forces them to put their life in danger by walking on there.

The residents alleged that the concerned authorities paid no attention to cut the bushes and wild trees alongside the footpaths to provide safe way to the residents. A resident of sector G-10, Ahmed Ali said that the growth of bushes covered the footpaths and pedestrians had no option but walk on the roads which was risky.

Zakia a resident of I-10 claimed that the concerned authorities ignore the growth of trees alongside the footpaths which creating hurdle and the owner of the houses also busy to plant more trees.

They urged the authorities to take step to cut all the bushes and wild trees for the smooth walking on the footpaths.

An official of Capital Development Authority told APP that the concerned department were cutting this type of bushes and trees to avoid hurdle in the smooth walking of the residents. He said that the growth of unnecessary bushes were the result of the heavy rains.