With Competitive Products, Pakistan Becomes 2nd Biggest Supplier For Top US Chain


With competitive products, Pakistan becomes 2nd biggest supplier for top US chain

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 14th Jun, 2023 ) :The management skills, innovation and business-oriented approach of Pakistani businessmen have earned them the distinction of top 2nd ranking in global outsourcing for renowned US-based departmental store chain JCPenney.

"Pakistan ranked second in global sourcing for JCPenney. Environmental sustainability governance (ESG), traceability, inclusion and diversity were the strengths of Pakistani suppliers, helping them to secure greater market share for the Pakistani products," said Wayne Milano, Senior Vice President, global sourcing and product development of the company.

In a meeting with Pakistan Ambassador to the United States Masood Khan at the Embassy of Pakistan in Washington DC, he said that the second generation of Pakistani suppliers was doing exceptionally good with their innovation, understanding and business-oriented skills.

"Pakistani suppliers were not just getting business but earning it. They distinguished themselves in co-designing, co-creation, infrastructure, capacity and most importantly entrepreneurship," the SVP added.

Masood Khan thanked Senior Vice President Wayne Milano for reposing confidence in Pakistani suppliers and observed that Pakistan was investing in manufacturing as major stay of economy.

"Manufacturing remains a priority area for Pakistan. Over the decades we have developed resilient infrastructure for manufacturing.

We started manufacturing in late 50s, which flourished in 60s and developed into a strong pillar of our economy" he said.

"Our manufacturing has suffered in the recent past during pandemic, natural catastrophes and economic situation but the industrial sector is bouncing back. It is taking off again," the ambassador remarked.

Masood Khan said that a strong partnership with US conglomerate like JCPenney would help Pakistani entrepreneurs in skill development and ensuring quality control.

Acknowledging the talent of young entrepreneurs of Pakistan, Milano observed that the second generation had stepped into the market with a different set of eyes.

"Their understanding of the market, customer management skills and diversity in outreach were helping them expand their businesses worldwide," he continued.

Asked about any challenges being faced by the company, Milano said that JCPenney did not face any challenges with respect to Pakistan at present. "Costing, quality and delivery were all very competitive," he observed.

Ambassador Khan assured JCPenney executives that Embassy of Pakistan in coordination with Ministry of Commerce would continue to provide all possible support in furthering business ties with Pakistan.

Mikano was accompanied by Angela Marshal Hofmann, Head of Government Affairs, and Shenece Johns, Head of Inclusion and Diversity, JC Penney.