Zakat Funds Released By Jhang Zakat Committee For 2023-24

Zakat funds released by Jhang Zakat Committee for 2023-24

JHANG, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 28th May, 2024) The District Jhang Zakat Committee has released funds for the year 2023-24 on Tuesday.

According to a spokesperson from the committee, cheques totaling Rs. 31,454,000 have been issued to 3,494 deserving individuals under the Guzara Allowance program. Additionally, cheques amounting to Rs. 2,024,000 have been provided to 168 blind individuals under the same allowance.

He give further detailed that Rs. 2,225,000 has been allocated for dowry assistance, benefiting 89 deserving women.

In the education sector, Rs. 2,646,000 has been distributed to 370 students from 11 educational institutions, while Rs. 2,650,000 has been released for 291 students of Dini Madaras.

For healthcare, Rs. 230,000 has been allocated for the treatment of 548 deserving patients at the District Headquarters (DHQ) hospital.


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