Olympics: Kenya's World-class Running Matched By World-class Graft

Olympics: Kenya's world-class running matched by world-class graft

NAIROBI, (APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News -25th Augst,2016) - Kenya's runners impressed at the Rio Olympics, but to the country's shame its officials were equally distinguished when it came to corruption. Six gold medals -- including in both men's and women's marathons -- six silvers and one bronze put Kenya in 15th place overall and made it the top African nation by far, yet a shameful shadow hangs over what was the best Kenyan Olympics performance ever. Leading the controversy was the dismissal of track team manager Michael Rotich, recalled from Rio after an undercover investigation accused him of seeking a $13,000 (11,500 Euros) bung to warn runners of "surprise" drugs tests.

Soon afterwards another coach, John Azrah, was also recalled after apparently attempting to pass himself off as one of his runners and then giving a urine sample. However, some have defended Azrah, 61, saying he only took the runner's ID so he could get a free breakfast at the Olympic Village.