Quaid Club Beat Usmania In Fame Football

Quaid club beat Usmania in Fame football

LAHORE, (APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 21st july,2016) : Quaid Manga FC outclassed Usmania FC 3-1 in the Super Round of Fame Football League, here on Thursday at Fame football ground Model Town. The football fraternity was pleased to see former International football prodigy Khalid Khan who led Quaid Manga FC.

The match started in an aggressive manner and the first half saw a flurry of scoring attempts but poor finish and missed chances restricted both the sides from getting a productive result. In the second half of the match, Khalid Khan of Quaid Manga FC drew the first blood in the 54th minute on a free kick.

The lead was doubled by Right Mid Fielder Salman after getting a superb pass from Shoaib in the 75th minute. Khalid Khan completed the tally from Quaid club in the 80th minute with a quick and firm push.

Centre Mid Fielder Raees of Usmania FC produced his team's lone goal in the 85th off a free kick. At the end of the match football fans present on the occasion gave a standing ovation to Khalid Khan. The match was officiated by Commissioner Shabbir Ahmed, Referee Zubair Shahzad and Assistant referees Adeel Anwar and Master Afzal.