Strange Planet Discovered Having 3 Suns

Strange planet discovered having 3 suns

Arizona, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 13th July, 2016) : Astronomers have discovered a planet which has not only one or two but 3 suns or stars in its system. HD 131399Ab named planet is located at a distance of 320 light years from Earth and it is estimated that its formation was occurred 16 million years ago.

This system of three stars consists of 2 small and 1 big stars; including 2 small stars revolve around each other just like to drop a dumbbell. These 2 small stars revolve around the big star astronomical at the distance of 300 units.

One astronomical unit is as much as the distance between Earth and the Sun. HD 131399Ab do revolves directly around the big stars and you can see the complex dance of the three stars in the video below.

This unique planet was discovered by the experts of the American Arizona State University by a space telescope installed in Chile called the European Southern Observatory and they say that the sun rises and sets three times a day there.

One day of this planet would be equivalent to 550 Earth days and three stars would be easily seen in the half of it. The planet's temperature is 580 degrees centigrade and no possibility of the presence of life.

Although, this is the first time that a planet has been discovered to be in the 3 suns system, however, in the views of ​​the researchers this would be more common in the universe than in our views.

Strange planet discovered having 3 suns

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