The City Where Night Never Falls

The city where night never falls

Singapore, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 14th july, 2016) : In Singapore, as a result of light pollution people's eyes are not be able to see the night. Yes, according to a study published recently in the journal ‘Science Advances’, people's eyes are not be able to see the darkness because Singapore’s environment starts to glow with artificial lights soon after the Sunset.

In simple words, Singapore has become a city where night never falls and nobody is able to find a star there. The research stated that as a result of light pollution, a net of artificial lights is been formed in the sky in cities around the world that illuminates it in the night and one third population of the world is no longer be able to see the stars in the sky.

Hundred percent of the population in Singapore has been deprived from seeing the beauty of the night, while 99 percent of Americans and Europeans living in some extent of light pollution and the stars 80% inhabitants of North America cannot see the stars.

Other countries affected by the pollution; Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia and South Korea are worth mentioning. In this regard, for more than 75 percent population of the Chad, Central African Republic and Madagascar are still less affected to see the Glittery view of the sky.

The research has warned that Light pollution is influenced by several factors that are causing problems which disturb biological rhythm resulting changes in the ways of birds, animals and humans.

The city where night never falls