3 Wreckers Took Revenge By Vandalizing Barbershop


3 wreckers took revenge by vandalizing barbershop

Shenyang, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 15th July, 2016) : 3 men from Shenyang , a city of Liaoning Province of China, have wrecked a barber shop. The 3 men said that barber did not trim their hairs properly.

In the CCTV footage, a man is seen to paint the walls of shop with red color and other 1 is throwing brick aiming at shop’s window but the third man cannot be seen clearly.

Barber has recognized 2 of the 3 as his customers.

He said that these 2 came to his shop at the end of June to have a haircut and complained about improper trimming. But when Barber said them to let him fix it, they refused. While the incident attracted more than 2,000 comments on Chinese website Tencent.

Internet users can't decide on who's in the right. Some say that those men were perhaps too ugly to possibly look good with any haircut anyway.