Australian Woman Finds Napping Seal In Cemetery Toilet

Australian woman finds napping seal in cemetery toilet

SYDNEY,(APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 27th july,2016) - A woman using the toilets at a local cemetery in Australia had the fright of her life after finding a large fur seal napping in the cubicle. The discovery of the 120-kilogramme (264-pound) animal was even more surprising as he was half a kilometre (mile) from the nearest water. "We thought it was a practical joke when we were told," Karina Moore from Devonport Council in northwest Tasmania state told AFP Wednesday. "It's a big mystery.

It's very unusual to find a seal so far inland. "There's a small creek about half a kilometre away but he would still have had to cross a busy road and several paddocks to make it to the cemetery.

" The council called in Parks and Wildlife officials who sedated the seal, which they named Sammy, before moving him to a local beach and releasing him. Wildlife biologist Rachel Alderman told ABC radio Australian fur seals were common around Tasmania. "They're a really abundant species all around Tasmania, particularly in Bass Strait, and we've had them turn up in paddocks, people's backyards, and now we can add a toilet block in a cemetery to the list," she said.