Clashes In Philippines, 11 Muslim Militants Killed, Injured 19

Clashes in Philippines, 11 Muslim militants killed, injured 19

Manila, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 15th July, 2016) : MANILA: 11 militants were killed and 19 injured during the shooting, 15-year-old girl killed in clashes with the army in the Philippines.

According to foreign news agency, the Philippine military has clashed with separatist Muslim fighters in Mandao Nai Island, who belong to Bungsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters organization.

During the clash, the military killed 11 militants and wounded 19, while fellow girl, 15-year-old, was arrested, but she was killed during the shootout.

Filipino colonel Sryletu Subejana calling the girl's death was unexpected that just do not know how he was killed, the new Government wants to end civil war in Northern Territory continuing from last few decades. Military officials said that army helicopters had fired on separatist’s hideouts, 2 soldiers were injured in clashes.