Democracy Defeated The Military Coup In Turkey, Chief Of The Army Staff Is Rescued

Democracy defeated the military coup in Turkey, Chief of the army staff is rescued

Ankara, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 16th july, 2016) : Democracy won over the martial law in Turkey. Last night a military coup tried to win over the democracy. The rebellious soldiers attacked the president palace by throwing two bombs killing 5 people on the spot.

But the counter coup began when the appeal of president encouraged many people from various cities to come out of their houses to protest against the military coup, fights took place on roads, people laid down infront of the tanks .

Consequently the the coup failed because of the outrageous demonstrations. the people supported democracy over martial law.13 soldiers were arrested for entering in the president house illegally.

according to the interior ministry, 29 colonels and 5 generals were dismissed immediately.

754 rebels have been arrested in Ankara, said the Turkey ministry of justice. 16 soldiers died while conducting a military coup against the elected government, said the police chief.moreover, the chief of the army staff Hulusi Akar was captured by the insurgent army who has recovered today during an operation conducted by the police.

general umeet o nidar has been appointed as the acting chief of the army staff. Police,Republican army and public collectively foiled the conspiracy. there is no power stronger than the wish and demands of the Turkish people, president said. 60 people died during the coup activity.