Emergency Extended For Another 3 Months In France

Emergency extended for another 3 months in France

Paris, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News –16th July, 2016) : French President Francois Hollande has extended the state of emergency for three months in the country after the terrorist incident in Nice.

French President Hollande said, immediately after the incident, in his address to the nation after the meeting, the attack was an act of terrorism, security was tightened throughout France, will do all possible measures to prevent such attacks.

The President also ordered the Interior Ministry to enable crisis center, whereas, the state of emergency has been extended to three months while the emergency period was set to expire on July nine.

The French president said that any action cannot stop the war against terrorism, will continue operations in Iraq and Syria, we will throw away those targeted in our homes. Earlier, in Nice, a speedy truck ran over the crowd during the celebration of National Day, the driver opened fire, which killed 80 and wounded one hundred and twenty.

Emergency extended for another 3 months in France