France: Sensational Revelations In Terror Probe

France: Sensational revelations in terror probe

Paris, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News –16th July, 2016) : During the last 8 months, it’s the second incident of atrocities in France, revealing information about the incident during the investigation have been released.

Since November, July had been bloodiest for France, which details have begun to emerge about the strange attack of its kind, French police claimed to have recovered arms and ammunition in large amount from the truck.

However, according to foreign media weapons recovered from the truck, was fake. Toy guns and fireworks instead of firearms and grenades were recovered from the truck, which children usually used to fear each other.

According to French officials, the 31-year-old Tunisian-born French was sabotaged the National Day ceremony, identified by the name of Mohammad Lyhvej Bohli. However, investigators have found another person’s documents from the truck.

Refugee related international organizations, Save the Children's Chief Executive Alley Ally Thorning Schmidit stressed that the incident must not be linked to immigrants from middle East to Europe

France: Sensational revelations in terror probe