Gabon's Post-coup Reform Efforts Under Fire

Gabon's post-coup reform efforts under fire

Libreville, (APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 28th Mar, 2024) Seven months after bringing the curtain down on the 55-year Bongo dynasty, Gabon's transitional president launches a national dialogue Tuesday touted as paving the way for elections next year.

General Brice Oligui Nguema, who was swiftly sworn in after the August 30 coup, pledged to hand back the oil-rich central African country to civilian rule after a transitional period.

The international community has welcomed the steps taken so far and many Gabonese still regard Oligui as a saviour.

Nevertheless some criticise what they say amounts to a dialogue "between oneself" that lays the path towards the general's candidacy for president.

Mounting calls for the dialogue to be postponed or reorganised have been heard from a part of the former opposition which has not rallied behind the military regime, as well as in the independent media.

Authorities said the Inclusive National Dialogue would be made up of all the country's "vital actors".

But critics point to the number of participants from the military and other institutions -- and all 580 taking part were chosen by Oligui.

"The criteria for participation must be reviewed," Lionel Giovanni Boulingui, an official from the opposition REAGIR party, said.

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