Grain Deal Extension Depends On Whether Moscow's Expectations Will Be Met - Ankara


Grain Deal Extension Depends on Whether Moscow's Expectations Will Be Met - Ankara

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 05th April, 2023) The extension of the grain deal will depend on whether Moscow's expectations concerning the export of its agricultural products will be met, Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said on Wednesday.

Earlier in March, Russia extended the deal for 60 days out of the possible 120.

"If Russia's expectations are met, I think it will be possible to talk about the extension of the deal," Kalin told the Anadolu agency.

The official explained that the fact that Moscow extended the deal for only half of the possible term is connected to the obstacles that the Russian side has faced when it comes to its products entering global markets. Western countries refuse to provide guarantees for the international shipping, logistics, and insurance of Russian products, which causes all the problems, according to Kalin.

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