India Testimonies The Services Of Abdul Sattar Edhi, His Posters Went Up In Jalandhra

India testimonies the services of Abdul Sattar Edhi, his posters went up in Jalandhra

Jalandhra, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 15th july, 2016) : Pakistani social activist Abdul Sattar Edhi is known for his social services world wide. The news of his demise was given great importance by the international medi as well.

His services are not only recognized in Pakistan but the international community also paid tribute to his social activities. While pakistan gave testimonial to his services by passing resolutions for a charity day and by naming a road after Edhi's name, India doesn't remain aside in commemorating him.

"No religion is higher than the humanity" posters containing this quote of the world's widely known Social activist Abdul Sattar Edhi, went up all over Jalandhra, a city of india.

India named him as the richest human being.

India, which is a traditional rival of pakistan and their relations were never so good since the independence, this act is much apreciable from her by the social media users. Through this poster, India payed rich tribute to the great Pakistani Humanitarian who helped the humanity indiscriminate by any caste, creed and colour.

It should be noted that Abdul Sattar Edhi died on 8th july 2016 after a prolong ailment.