Japanese Director Takeuchi's Documentary On Yangtze Hits Chinese Theaters

Japanese director Takeuchi's documentary on Yangtze hits Chinese theaters

BEIJING, (APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 24th May, 2024) Japanese director Ryo Takeuchi's documentary film, "The Yangtze River," which aims to present a true and beautiful China to global audiences, hit Chinese mainland theaters on Friday.

Takeuchi harbored regrets about failing to capture the "first drops of water" of the Yangtze, when filming the NHK documentary series on the river more than a decade ago. However, he decided to rectify that omission by retracing the Yangtze's 6,300-kilometer path in 2021, according to an introduction to the film on movie data platforms.

Beyond the stunning natural scenery, Takeuchi's new documentary captures smiles and heartwarming stories of ordinary people, painting a vivid picture of local customs and everyday life along the river while highlighting monumental changes in China over the past decade.

Takeuchi emphasized "authenticity" as the core appeal of "The Yangtze River" and documentaries in general, aiming to show viewers worldwide "a true and beautiful China," according to a report by China Film news.

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