Kosovo Arrests Six Opposition Activists Over Blast


Kosovo arrests six opposition activists over blast

PRISTINA, (APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 30th August, 2016) - Kosovo police arrested six opposition party activists Tuesday over a grenade fired at parliament, one of several recent attacks that have rattled the capital ahead of a controversial parliamentary vote.

A police statement said those believed to have "planned, organised and executed the attack" were arrested in raids on six locations in Pristina, during which three automatic rifles and other weapons were seized. Visar Ymeri, leader of the main opposition Self-Determination party, confirmed that those arrested were activists from his party, including party spokesman Frasher Krasniqi. The attack on August 4 caused material damage but no injuries. It was followed by a similar attack on August 22, when another grenade was thrown in the courtyard of the Radio Television of Kosovo (RTK) headquarters, and a blast on Sunday in the RTK chief's backyard.