Niger Calls On Donors To Fund WFP

Niger calls on donors to fund WFP

NIAMEY,(APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 29th july, 2016) - Niger, one of the poorest countries in the world, called on donors Friday to fund the World Food Programme's activities in the country, which are threatened by lack of funding.

"All the (WFP's) hard-won achievements risk being permanently undermined," Interior Minister Bazoum Mohamed warned the country's development partners as he urged them to mobilise additional resources for the country. On Thursday, WFP spokesman Vigno Hounkali told AFP, "Our resources are exhausted and if we don't have immediate contributions, by the end of September it will be impossible to continue our help to malnourished children.

" WFP said it needed $21.4 million (19.4 million Euros) to help Niger's most vulnerable people from September to December. school feeding and rural development programmes could also be halted, he said. The funding shortage is already having an effect, with malnourished children under five and pregnant and breastfeeding women all receiving only half-rations, WFP said. Some 1.5 million people in Niger lack reliable access to the food needed to live healthy lives.