Open-Heart Surgery Performed On Indonesian Pilgrim In Madinah


Open-Heart surgery performed on Indonesian pilgrim in Madinah

Madinah, (APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 30th May, 2024) The medical teams at the Madinah Cardiac Center has successfully performed the first open-heart surgery of this Hajj season 1445 AH on an Indonesian pilgrim in his sixties.

The Madinah Health Cluster noted that the pilgrim arrived at the center's emergency department suffering from severe chest pain. After conducting medical tests and imaging, a heart attack was diagnosed. The medical team immediately decided to perform a diagnostic catheterization, which revealed a severe blockage in all three coronary arteries.

The medical team decided to perform open-heart surgery and graft new arteries taken from the patient's chest arteries, along with a vein from his leg, using an endoscope.

The cluster added that the patient was transferred to the intensive care unit to complete treatment plan. His condition improved, and he was moved to the inpatient ward for follow-up and rehabilitation. After recovering, he was discharged from the center. .

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