Pakistan Classic Translation Book Gains Popularity In China

Pakistan classic translation book gains popularity in China

BEIJING, (APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 21st Dec, 2023) Pakistani Literature (Year 1994, Vol.2-3), one of five books in a project focused on mutual translation and publication of classic books between China and Pakistan, has gained popularity in China and is listed good book of Tencent in 2023.

The book contains over 30 short stories chosen by the Pakistan academy of Letters and translated and published by Yilin Publishing House. It is the most comprehensive representation of contemporary Pakistani literature.

As the initial set of results from the China-Pakistan Classic Translation and Publication Project led by the Import and Export Administration of Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, the publication of this book helps promote exchanges between China and Pakistan and satisfies the desire of Chinese readers to understand Pakistani literature.

The thirty or so original novels cover ten local languages, including urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi, and Pashto.

The selection offers a diverse range of styles and rich themes, providing insights into Pakistan's history, economy, art and cultural traditions. It gives readers a glimpse of a cross-section of modern Pakistani society and its future, CEN reported.

Most of the works focus on the daily lives of ordinary Pakistanis. The novels feature various protagonists, including a bride who brings good luck to her family, a gypsy girl who awaits the blossoming of flowers under a fig tree, an artist who breathes life into puppets but becomes one himself, and a painter consumed by an obsession with nature.

The book is written in a subtle and witty style, expressing the observations and thoughts of contemporary Pakistani writers, thereby greatly enriching the content of Pakistani literature.

Liu Guohui, Deputy Secretary General of the Taofen Foundation, remarked that the book is well-written and authentic, particularly in its precise details and profound portrayal of the protagonists' psychological states.

"The dialogues in the book are simple, animate and engaging. The novels are short and concise, yet sharp and profoundly reflect the richness and colorfulness of Pakistani life, the people's desire for happiness, and the complex ideas and deep insights of Pakistani society. It is a successful collection of translated novels," said Liu.