Pakistan-origin Father Of Deceased Soldier Appeal For Vote For Clinton


Pakistan-origin father of deceased soldier appeal for vote for Clinton

PHILADELPHIA,(APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 29th july,2016) : A Muslim father of Pakistani-origin whose son was killed in a suicide attack in Iraq, appealed his fellow countrymen and Muslims across the United States to vote for Hillary Clinton during a speech on Thursday at the Democratic Party Convention held to nominate the party candidate for the White House.

Speaking with his wife at the Convention held in the oldest city of Philadelphia, Khyzir Khan made a passionate appeal to reject Republican Party candidate Donald Trump, who has called for a ban on Muslims to enter the United States during an election campaign, which has drawn widespread condemnation from across the country and several world leaders.

Khan's son, Captain Humayun Khan, died in 2004 in Baquabah Iraq in a suicide attack after a vehicle packed with an improvised explosive device drove into the gate of his compound while he was inspecting soldiers on guard duty. Captain Khan was a Pakistani American who served in the U.S.

army as an ordnance officer, being the senior-most community member to die in Iraq. His colleagues and superiors remembered him for his courage, honesty, sense of humor and grace while in the field, even under pressure. "I request you to honor the sacrifice of my son.

On the election day, take the time and cote for healer, vote for the strongest, most qualified candidate Hillary Clinton and not the divider," he said, making a passionate appeal before the jam-packed hall.

Crowd shouted and raised slogans as Mr.

Khan condemned Trump for demanding a ban on Muslim entry. Trump's comments have contributed to a wave of Islamphobia and there has been a rise in anti-Muslim sentiments in the country. Several mosques have been attacked during the past year or so.

Mr. Khan, addressing Trump, said that he has not read the US Constitution which give liberty to people of all faiths. He ever offered a copy of the constitution to Mr. Trump as people shouted and raised pro-Hillary slogans.

"You have sacrificed nothing," said Mr. Khyzir, alluding to the fact that in fact his son gave his life to defend the country of his adoption. He asked Trump to visit the Arlington cemetery outside the capital Washington where thousands of US soldiers killed in wars have been buried.

He asked Trump to visit the cemetery where there were graves of soldiers who belonged to all faiths, ethnicities and religions. Mr. Khyzier also criticized the Republican Presidential candidate for sowing the seeds of division in the country.

The 4-day convention of the Democratic party ended in Philadelphia on Thursday with Hillary Clinton becoming the first ever woman to be nominated by a major party to run to be the next president of the United States.