Pakistan Says To Continue Fighting Terrorism Amid Reports

CSF Certification Withheld


Pakistan says to continue fighting terrorism amid reports 
CSF certification withheld

WASHINGTON, (APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 4th August, 2016) Pakistan will continue to fight against terrorism and ensure areas cleared by the security forces do not slide back in the hands of terrorist networks, a Pakistan Embassy spokesman has said. He stated this while referring to the reports that Pentagon had withheld certification needed for the release of funds under Coalition Support Fund (CSF).

For this purpose, the certification by the Defense Secretary is needed for the reimbursement of funds under CSF, which is one of the many cooperative arrangements between Pakistan and the United States to pursue common objectives.

"These reimbursements enable the United States to support Pakistan's ongoing counter-terrorism efforts in a manner that serves shared interests of both countries," the spokesman said adding that under this arrangement, both countries continue to work closely to build on the gains achieved over the past years that have improved security in the tribal areas. The spokesman recalled that over the past decade Pakistan has conducted a large number of military operations that have sequentially dismantled and destroyed terrorist infrastructure on its side on the international border with Afghanistan.

The latest of these major operations known as 'Operation Zarb-e-Azb' has been a resounding success and it has cleared North Waziristan- the last bastion of militant networks- from terrorists of all affiliations.

This decade long effort in Pakistan has caused 60,000 fatalities including 6000 security forces personnel involved in the operations. "Pakistan will continue its fight against terrorism and ensure that areas cleared by the security forces do not slide back in to the control of terrorist networks," the spokesman said. Senior members of the Congress and representatives of the media have visited the areas cleared from terrorists' control and observed for themselves the gains made in these operations as well as the development work underway, including projects undertaken in partnership with the US, for restoration of normal life in affected areas. "Pakistan will continue to work with its partners in a long-term effort for ensuring security and stability in these areas," the spokesman added.