Pak's Plane Arrives With Rice Donation For Flood-hit Chinese Province


Pak's plane arrives with rice donation for flood-hit Chinese province

BEIJING, (APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News -23rd Augst,2016) : A Pakistani military transport aircraft carrying 22 tons of rice arrived at Wuhan airport in central China's Hubei Province late on August 22 to meet immediate food requirement of the flood affected people. It was the first batch of the country's planned donation of 10,000 tons of rice to the flood-stricken province, reports China's official news portal.

The Pakistani government's decision to make donations to China came in the wake of six rounds of torrential rains that hit Hubei, reported Tuesday. From June 18 to July 31, torrents and subsequent floods caused damage to 98 county-level prefectures in the province, affecting 17.85 million people, 1.55 million of which have been evacuated to temporary settlements. After the first delivery of rice by air, the subsequent donations will be shipped to the local port, a local newspaper said.