Reporter Was Fired From Her Job To Save Her Shoes From Getting Wet

Reporter was fired from her job to save her shoes from getting wet

Mexico, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 12th July, 2016) : A Mexican reporter was fired from her job because two of the flood victims lift her up to keep her shoes safe from water. Lydia Cumming, who works for tv Azteca in Mexico, was covering a flood in Puebla when she was faced with severe hazard; getting her shoes wet.

It appears that two people lifting her to shelter, where her shoes and jeans would be safe from that dirty floodwater. After criticism, she apologized from public for this incident. Lydia told another Mexican newspaper El Pais, flood victims offered her to hold up and she felt embarrassed when 2 of them held her up.

She added more that she should have refused that offer soon. They lifted her just for 2 seconds and after which she asked them to take down.