ROSHN Launches Waterfront Walkway Revamp In Jeddah


ROSHN launches waterfront walkway revamp in Jeddah

Jeddah, (APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 30th May, 2024) ROSHN Group has announced a revamp of ROSHN Waterfront, a popular destination in Jeddah that attracts over 55 million visitors annually.

According to a press release, the initiative "Renewing and Coloring Your Steps" aims to promote community engagement, support local talents, and enhance the public landscape. Saudi artists will transform the walkway, which will stretch 3,200 meters long and 5 meters wide. Over 200 volunteers from Jeddah will paint the walkway by the end of May covering an area of 16,000 square meters, The refreshed ROSHN Waterfront will be unveiled in early June.

The initiative is a collaboration between ROSHN, the "Lenobadir" volunteering initiative, and Jeddah Municipality's Social Responsibility Charity.

The release said that ROSHN had held a competition for Saudi artists to submit their concepts for ROSHN Waterfront. Thirty-eight talented artists, including painters and designers, showcased their ideas, which were evaluated based on specific criteria.

The Primary focus was on embodying ROSHN Group's distinctive elements, highlighting the quality of life, and capturing Jeddah's vibrant atmosphere and unique identity.

Ghada AlRumayan, ROSHN Group's Chief Marketing Officer, stated, "ROSHN Waterfront has become a popular destination in Jeddah, and we wanted to improve the quality of life for all with our support for Saudi artists." She further noted that the revitalization project will bring the spirit of Jeddah to life through the artwork created by hundreds of volunteers from the local community."

The area was opened in 2017 and renamed the ROSHN Waterfront in 2022. ROSHN's goal has been to help transform the area into a place everyone in Jeddah can enjoy as part of its focus on quality of life. ROSHN Waterfront features several kilometres of walkways, jogging tracks, and cycle corridors.

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