Scant Rallies For Brazil's Rousseff Before Big Day


Scant rallies for Brazil's Rousseff before big day

BRASMLIA,(APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News -29th Augst,2016) - Supporters of Brazil's suspended president Dilma Rousseff rallied Sunday as she prepared for her dramatic last stand at an impeachment trial expected to see her fired within days. The first small street rallies began in the capital as Brazil headed for the last dramatic act in a political drama that is expected to end 13 years of leftist rule in the huge recession-stricken country. Rousseff, 68, will defend herself in person on Monday against hostile senators seeking to impeach her for what they say were illegal state accounting maneuvers. Senators will then vote on whether to remove her from office for good.

That move is expected on Tuesday or Wednesday. Rousseff and her supporters deny she broke the law and brand the impeachment a "coup" by her conservative rivals. Those include the man set to replace her, former vice-president and interim head of state Michel Temer. Even Rousseff's supporters admit she stands little of avoiding being ejected from office this week.

Media calculate that a majority of senators will vote to impeach. About 250 supporters of the leftist leader gathered on Sunday in the hot sun beside the Mane Garrincha football stadium in the capital Brasilia. They waved flags and banners reading "Temer out" and "Dilma is our president."