Swiss Government Rejected Citizenship Of Two Muslim Girls


Swiss Government rejected citizenship of two Muslim girls

Geneva, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 1st july, 2016) : Swiss authorities rejected the citizenship application of two Muslim girls because these girls refused to take swimming classes with boys.

According to a report of US Today that both 12 and 14 year girls refused to take mandatory swimming classes because their faith prohibit them to take swimming classes with boys. In this report, local authorities stated that both the girls are residents of Basel who applied for Swiss citizenship few months ago.

Their application for citizenship was rejected by the government because they were not abiding by the curriculum of the school.

According to the US Today, the head of the decision committee for citizenship approval Stephen Wehler stated while talking to a private news channel that whosoever did not qualify and practice against laws, would not be given Swiss citizenship.

It is a clear example of Swiss authority’s behavior and it showed that they never give citizenship to those who refused to adopt anything from Swiss culture. Following year, citizenship of two brothers was rejected by Swiss Government just because they refused to shake hands with a female teacher.