US May Shift Focus From Ukraine To Southeast Asia - German Defense Minister


US May Shift Focus From Ukraine to Southeast Asia - German Defense Minister

BERLIN (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 08th March, 2023) The United States may change its priorities and shift its focus from Ukraine to the Indo-Pacific region, so the European Union needs to act more cohesively, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said on Wednesday.

"The US elections may put us in a time pressure situation. But we must always be aware that for other reasons, the US can always shift its focus, namely toward the Indo-Pacific region," Pistorius told the Deutschlandfunk radio station when asked whether the upcoming US presidential election could lead to a decrease in Washington's support for Ukraine.

He noted that the reason for changes to the course of US foreign policy would not necessarily be the new president. However, Pistorius urged the EU to better coordinate its defense policy and "take responsibility."

On Tuesday, Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang said that the US Indo-Pacific strategy was in fact an attempt to form a version of NATO in the Asia-Pacific region.