Whey To Go: 17th-century Cheese Found In Baltic Wreck

Whey to go: 17th-century cheese found in Baltic wreck

STOCKHOLM, (APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 28th july, 2016) - Divers searching the wreck of an 17th-century Swedish warship on the bed of the Baltic say they have found de Brie. Sifting through the ancient timbers of the Kronan, a ship that sank in 1676 off the Swedish coast, they found not diamonds as they had hoped...

but a cheese.

Inside a watertight pot was a semi-firm 340-year-old "dairy product" smelling of yeast and Roquefort cheese, expedition leader Lars Einarsson told AFP on Thursday. "Unlike the others, I find its smell is quite pleasant," he said.

"It smells of life." The unusual find is being sent to the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences for tests. The Kronan (Crown) sank off the island of Oeland, southeastern Sweden on June 1, 1676 in a battle with a Danish-Dutch fleet.

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