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HUM News is a venture of media giant, Hum Network Limited owned by Momina Duraid & Duraid Qureshi. The channel instigated its operations on May 11, 2018. The language of broadcasting, carried out 24 hours a day, is Urdu. The headquarter of Hum News is in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Broadcast Area
The broadcasting of Hum News expands overall in Pakistan with a fleet of DSNGs, ready to give live coverage of any happening on spot. A solid number of news reporters and correspondents ensure the accurate and on spot delivery of the latest occurrence. Hum News is broadcasted throughout Pakistan and worldwide as well. The picture format of the channel is 16:9 (576i, SDTV) and 16:9 (1080i, HDTV). You can watch Hum News Live on the website.

News Policy
Hum News is comparatively a new channel in the market. Currently the news policy of the channel is completely impartial. It holds the government, the opposition or the general public accountable whenever found guilty.

The website of the channel is pretty user friendly and offers wide navigation options to the user. The news on the website of the channel is categorized under following categories;
• Latest happening
• Pakistan
• World
• Business
• Sports
• Education
• Health
• Art & Artists
• Technology
• Videos
• Bi-elections
The video section of the website serves as an archive for coverage on important happenings anywhere in Pakistan or outside in the world. Besides the website, Hum News has a Youtube channel for live streaming of news, a Facebook page for keeping up to date with occurrences around us and a Twitter handle for interaction with its viewers.

News Anchors
The news casters of the channel are;
• Ali Soomro
• Anam Afzal
• Safdar Ali
• Salma Kosar
• Fazeela Sabiha
• Taha Siddique
• Maria Zulfiqar

The following programs are being telecasted on Hum News;

Barri Baat
Hosted by journalist Adil Shahzeb, program throws light on a big topic of the day, any important happening that might engross the viewer is discussed in the program which usually features one or two guests per day. The show on-airs Monday to Friday at 10 pm PST on Hum News.

Nadeem Malik Live
In depth analysis of the key events in Pakistan, is given in this show hosted by renowned journalist Nadeem Malik. The show presents well rounded opinions of the prestigious guests having either a political or a social background. The discussion of the show enables audience to develop an opinion of their own in the light of in depth discussion on the topic. The show on-airs Monday to Thursday at 8:03 pm PST on the channel.

Pakistan Tonight
Another current affairs based talk show Pakistan Tonight is hosted by Syed Sammer Abbas. The show tends to discuss any hot topic of the day either based on elections or on general politics/ political controversies. Show is mostly hosted indoors with a panel of famous journalists, news analysts or politicians. Sometimes the show is hosted outdoors as well either in the home of the guests or on the run with the person in focus. Apart from senior politicians, show features many fresh faces in the field of politics as well. The show on-airs Monday to Friday on Hum News.

Agenda Pakistan
Another political discussion based talk show Agenda Pakistan is hosted by Amir Zia. The show in addition to political topics focuses on social issues as well where opinions of common public regarding the topic in focus are featured in the show along with debate/ analysis on the part of special guests. The show on-airs on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 11 pm PST.

Cover Page
The program is hosted by Ishaa Noor. It is a lifestyle and entertainment based program covering entertainment, film industry and fashion industry news from Pakistan and other countries like India, Middle East etc. The show also telecasts coverage of numerous events with live reporting as well. Cover page on-airs every Saturday on Hum News.

Main Nahin Hum
It is a non political, social issues based talk show hosted by Muneeba Mazari. The show focuses on acknowledging contributions and efforts of people from various walks of life. The format of the show is very light hearted and motivating discussion done on the part of host and guests make it more appealing to the viewers. Main Nahin Hum on-airs every Sunday at 8 pm PST.

Hum Investigates
It is documentary style, investigation based show hosted by Mujahid Hussain. The show tends to seek answers to the problems in society by presentation of accurate facts and figures associated with the problem. The audience is left with the deep insight of the issue and probably development of an opinion of their own. The show on- airs at 10 pm PST every Saturday.

Subha Se Aaghay
Subha Se Aaghay is sort of a morning show of the channel, hosted by Amber Shamsi and Shifa Yousufzai. The format of the show is very different from routine morning shows on various Pakistani entertainment channels, with less stupidity and more knowledge. Many high profile personnel from various walks of life are invited as guests on the show. The show tends to pass on every valuable piece of information of the day to its audience. Subha Se Aagay on-airs Monday to Friday 10 am to 12 pm PST.