Education Department Shigar Taking Initiative To Enroll 'Out-of-School' Children


Education department Shigar taking initiative to enroll 'Out-of-School' children

Education Department district Shigar has launched initiative to address the issue of "out-of-school" children

GIlGIT, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 20th May, 2024) Education Department district Shigar has launched initiative to address the issue of "out-of-school" children.

Education department has started a comprehensive campaign aimed at bringing all out-of-school children of the area back into the educational system.

The inaugural ceremony of this initiative was held at High School Al Chori, attended by dozens of out-of-school children and their parents. The event also featured a "Book fair" hosted by Boys High School Al Chori.

Dr. Hassan Amacha, the retired Secretary of Health as a chief guest, emphasized the critical importance of education and nutrition.

In his speech. Dr Amacha highlighted the transformative power of education in building healthy environment. Deputy Director of Education, Farooq Ahmed, lauded the dedicated efforts of the education department's team in reaching out of school children's parents.

He assured the parents of full support, both financially and academically, throughout their children's educational journey. Farooq Ahmed urged the local community to assist this noble cause, describing it as a "holy war against ignorance."

Ahmed also set a 15-day deadline to enroll all out-of-school children below the age of ten, with a promise

to formulate a policy for children above this age in consultation with senior authorities.

He thanked head of District Administration Wali Ullah Flahi, who prioritized education and supported the education department. He said that Deputy Commissioner Falhi contributed great efforts towards illuminating the light of education.

Later, Deputy Director Education Shigar distributed uniform and shoes among the most deserving students.

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