10 Injured In Accident, Robbery

10 injured in accident, robbery

FAISALABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 15th Apr, 2024) As many as 10 people sustained injuries in a road accident and over resistance during a robbery bid here on Monday.

Rescue 1122 spokesman said that a passenger bus turned turtle near Kacha Phattak Dry Port on Jhumra Road due to over-speeding while travelling from Sangla Hill to Faisalabad.

As a result, 8 passengers sustained multiple injuries and Rescue 1122 shifted three of them to Allied Hospital-I in addition to providing first aid to 5 others.

Among the victims included Shazia Bashir (35), Hasan Raza (41), Zahra Bibi (65), Imran Ali (40), Laiba Amjad (30), Shahbaz Bashir (52), Imaan Zahid (12) and Fazilat Imran (40).

Meanwhile, Rescue 1122 also shifted two teenagers including Muhammad Arsalan (19) and Abdul Rehman (19) to Allied Hospital-II (DHQ Hospital) when they received bullet injuries after producing resistance during a robbery bid near Pipanwala Bridge on Canal Road, he added.