114 Car Thefts, Robberies Cases Registered With 11 Arrests In ICT

In Two Months


114 car thefts, robberies cases registered with 11 arrests in ICT
in two months

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 28th july,2016) : Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Police have registered 114 cases related to car thefts, dacoities and robberies and apprehended 11 accused persons during two months (May 10 to July 10, 2016). Of the total, 57 registered cases were of car theft nature, 10 cases of dacoities and 47 cases of robberies in last two months.

Police-station wise break-up of such cases showed on Thursday that in sectors I-9 & I-10, the crime rate was found comparatively higher during the period under review as there were 14 registered cases of car theft and six robberies with arrest of one accused. Similarly, during the period, nine cases of car theft were registered in Aabpara Police Station, two such cases in Kohsar, one in Bharakahu, three in Margalla, two in Karachi Company, two in Shehzad Town, three in Khanna, six in Koral, two in Lohi Bher, two in Sihala, two in Shalimar, two in Ramna, 14 in I-Area, two in Sabzi Mandi, two in Tarnol and three cases of car theft were registered in Golra Sharif Police Station.

The data further revealed that two cases of dacoity were registered in Shehzad Town Police Station during last two months, five such cases registered in Khanna, one case in Sabzi Mandi and two cases of dacoity were registered in Tarnol Police Station. Regarding details about registered cases of robberies in different Police Stations in ICT, the data said one such case was registered in Secretariat, two cases in Margalla, six cases in Koral, three cases in Lohi Bher, three in Sihala, two in Ramna, six in I-Area, 10 in Sabzi Mandi, one in Shamas Colony, six in Tarnol, five in Noon PS and two cases of robberies were registered in Golra Sharif Police Station.

With regard to Police Station-wise details about arrest of accused in these crimes, the data said that Margalla PS arrested three, Koral arrested one, I-Area apprehended one, Sabzi Mandi arrested two, Tarnol nabbed three and one accused was arrested by Noon PS during last two months. No case of car theft, dacoity and robbery was registered in Women Police Station in ICT during the period. Meanwhile, when contacted police sources said steps have been taken to control crimes in ICT and these were identification of crime pockets, crime cluster analysis/crime mapping, establishment of nakas, action against car lifters and those involved in kidnappings for ransom, robberies and dacoities. The other steps included survey of Kachi Abadies, Intelligence Based Policing, Combing/Search Operations, random checking of guest houses/hotels, motels, general hold-ups (surprise checking), survey of rented accommodations, illegal settlements & deeni madaris, surveillance of suspected elements, action against brothels, narcotics dens and sheesha bars and data profiling of released prisoners.