15 Lawbreakers Arrested

15 lawbreakers arrested

RAWALPINDI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 27th August, 2016) : Rawalpindi police have arrested 15 lawbreakers, besides recovering 7005 grams charas, 15 liters of liquor and three 30-bore pistol and 10 rounds from their possession, a police spokesman said Saturday. Pirwadhai police held Habib Ur Rehman and recovered 1450 gram charas from his possession while Waris Khan police arrested Aziz with 1050 gram charas and Ansar Mehmood with 1260 gram charas.

Banni police held Nauman Mir and Naqash Ahmed for having 1030 gram charas and 1020 gram charas respectively while Sadiqabad police recovered 530 grams charas from Ahsan Shahzad. Naseerabad police held Mohsin Ali and recovered 210 grams charas from his possession.

R.A Bazaar police arrested Abdul Hameed and recovered 230 grams charas from his possession. Race Course police held Tariq and recovered 225 grams charas from his possession. Gujar Khan police arrested Rajab and recovered 12 bottles of liquor from his possession while Pirwadhi police arrested Akash Javed with 10 liter liquor.

Airport police held Abdul Haq and recovered five liter liquor from his possession. Bani police arrested Kamran with a 30-bore pistol and five rounds, and Civil Lines police held Suhail Rashid for having a 30-bore pistol and two rounds.