988 Motorcycles Impounded Against One Wheeling

988 motorcycles impounded against one wheeling

RAWALPINDI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 30th july, 2016) The City Traffic Police (CTP) has launched grand operation against the one-wheelers and impounded 988 motorcycles on the violation in the city.

In a statement issued here Saturday, acting Chief Traffic Officer, (CTO) Rawalpindi, Ifthikar ul Haq said that strict orders have been issued to all the traffic wardens, inspectors, deputy superintendents of police (DSPs) of all the sectors that action in accordance with the law should be taken against the one-wheelers and no one should be spared. The motorcycles, especially prepared for one wheeling should also be impounded.

He said that several arrangements were made to curb the activity, particularly at the Airport Road, Peshawar Road, Jhelum Road, Ayub Park, and other areas aimed at protecting the youngsters as one-wheeling is one of the causes of death and severe injuries for the riders.

CTO said that though the activity was already being checked by the traffic officials deputed on the city roads but special arrangements have also been made to control the rash and dangerous driving and one-wheeling in the city.

He said that the traffic wardens were directed to keep a vigilant eye on the one-wheelers so that action in accordance with the law could be taken against them. He said that the one-wheelers are not only playing with their own lives but also is a threat for other road users.

He urged the parents to play their role to curb the activity as one-wheeling, rash, and negligent driving are the main causes for fatal accidents.